More than salt, sugars may contribute to high blood pressure

More than salt, sugars may contribute to high blood pressure

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of premature mortality in the developed world, and hypertension is its most important risk factor.


Hypertension was implicated as a primary or contributing factor in more than 348,000 deaths in the US in 2009, with costs to the nation in excess of $50 billion annually. Controlling hypertension is a major focus of public health initiatives, and dietary approaches to address hypertension have historically focused on sodium.

Nonetheless, the potential benefits of sodium reduction are debatable; studies have shown that the reduction in blood pressure achieved by restricting salt is slim.

Recent data encompassing over 100,000 patients indicates that sodium intake between 3-6 g/day is associated with a lower risk of death and cardiovascular events compared with either a higher or lower level of intake. “Thus, guidelines advising restriction of sodium intake below 3 g/day may cause harm,” the authors write.

Processed foods happen to be major sources of not just sodium, but also of highly refined carbohydrates: that is, various sugars and the simple starches that give rise to

Eating grilled meat ‘increases risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes’

Eating grilled meat ‘increases risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes’

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, NY, say that heat-processed meats contain high levels of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). These compounds have been associated with the worsening of many degenerative diseases, including diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

AGEs already naturally exist in the body at low levels. But in their study, the researchers found that consuming foods with high levels of AGEs increases the body’s levels of AGEs, therefore raising the risk of associated diseases.

To reach their findings, the investigators monitored the cognitive health of mice that consumed foods with high levels of AGEs – foods that are commonly found in the Western diet. This diet is high is saturated fats, red meats and “empty” carbohydrates, and low in seafood, poultry, whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Western diet led to Alzheimer’s and metabolic syndrome in mice

Mice that consumed foods with high levels of AGEs demonstrated high levels of AGEs in their brains, compared with mice that ate a diet low in AGEs.


High levels

Oral HPV can be transmitted by oral-to-oral, oral-to-genital routes

Oral HPV can be transmitted by oral-to-oral, oral-to-genital routes
A new study claims to provide further evidence that oral human papillomavirus infections can be transmitted via oral-to-oral and oral-to-genital routes.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US, newly infecting 14 million Americans every year.

High-risk HPV infections – such as HPV 16 and HPV 18 – account for around 5% of cancers worldwide, including oropharyngeal cancers (cancers of the throat). It is estimated that each year, around 8,400 people are diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancers that may be caused by oral HPV infection.

But how people contract oral HPV is a subject that has been widely debated in medical research. Some studies have suggested that the virus can be contracted through oral sex with a person who has a genital HPV infection, while others have claimed the infection can be spread through engaging in open-mouthed kissing with a person infected with oral HPV. However, many studies have not found such associations.

Now, researchers from Canada say their new study – published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention

Get An Effective Alcohol Addiction Treatment At Right Time

Get An Effective Alcohol Addiction Treatment At Right Time

Alcoholism is one of the medical diseases with many signs and symptoms. It will significantly disrupt the lives of the people those who drink alcohol. It will not only affect one person life it will affects whole life. Some kind of abusing alcohol makes some health issues such as resulting negative consequences, displacing healthy activity and many more. These kinds of issues are avoided by taking an alcohol addiction treatment. Alcohol addiction is a form of medical dependency. If you consume, appropriate drinking of alcohol, it can lead to addiction. People those who suffer from alcoholism so many years, they want to take treatment for getting relief from alcoholism. The treatment provides healing from the main problem of alcoholism. If you loved one can overcome addition to alcohol, they provide a full assurance to get relief from alcoholism. They treat through the programs and it gives a lot of benefits. They have helped clients from different country. Miramar is the right place you find the lot of health programs and they take care about your health.

Many ways are available to treat addiction. The best way is to

Simple Ways to Experience Good Health

Simple Ways to Experience Good Health

Fruit for Breakfast

There are several things that I have found to be helpful in the area of good health which are not very cumbersome. One thing I do is eat only fruit or raw vegetables before noon. Of course, on special occasions, I will have a more traditional breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, but not on a daily basis. The word “breakfast” means to “break” the “fast” that you have been on since dinner the night before. For those of you accustomed to fasting, you know that fruit and juices are the best ways to end a fast. Another reason to eat fruit and vegetables in the morning is that they are easily digestible and therefore, provide quick energy. Your body can retrieve the energy from the nutrients faster. Eating this way will also help you lose weight quickly. You could easily lose 3-5 lbs. in a week after eating this way. The reason is, by eating quickly digestible foods in the morning, you give your body a chance to work on the harder-to-digest foods from your other meals.

I have been practicing the “fruit for breakfast” regimen for several years and it

New study shows how junk food diets prompt laziness

New study shows how junk food diets prompt laziness

The researchers, from the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), will publish their results in the journal Physiology and Behavior.

They conducted their study in rats, whose physiological systems are very similar to those of humans. Placing them in two groups, the team then fed the 32 female rats one of two diets for a period of 6 months.

The first group ate a normal rat’s diet of unprocessed foods – such as ground corn and fish meal – whereas the second group was fed a lower-quality, processed diet with much more sugar. This diet served as a proxy for a junk food diet, the team says.

Observing changes over 3 months, the team noticed the rats on the junk food diet became obese, whereas the group that ate a normal, unprocessed diet did not.

These results are hardly surprising, but when the researchers gave the rats a task of pressing a lever in order to receive a reward of food or water, they found that rats on the junk food diet took much longer breaks than the lean rats. In a 30-minute session, the obese rats took breaks nearly twice as long as the

How Can Big Data Improve Healthcare and Medical Research

How Can Big Data Improve Healthcare and Medical Research

Big data in the healthcare industry is about to get even bigger thanks to the move toward electronic health records. Electronic medical records are getting a boost due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. As a result, medical researchers can expect a massive influx of healthcare data to analyze.

The scientific community is abuzz about the potential for big data in the medical research arena. According to Science 2.0, a science blog, some of the clearest opportunities recently identified in this area revolve around reducing costs in several key areas:

. High-cost patients – Did you know that just 5 percent of patients account for roughly half of all US healthcare costs? By targeting these high-cost patients, big data has the potential to make a huge impact on total healthcare spending in the United States. This is a good example of the Pareto principle at work.

. Readmissions – With nearly one third of readmissions deemed to be preventable, using big data to predict which patients are at a high risk of readmission could lead to better interventions and reduced re-admissions.

. Triage – Big data could also be used to improve

Home Emergency Medical Alert Systems Make a Difference

Home Emergency Medical Alert Systems Make a Difference

Many senior citizens receive many offers for medical alert systems that connect to first responders if there’s an emergency. These systems benefit seniors and people with disabilities who live on their own.

There are different kinds of medical alert systems. Some seniors include one with their existing home security system, which may be more economical than buying a stand-alone service.

Is a Medical Alert System Necessary?

At some point, there’s a real possibility that a senior will suffer from a fall. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of people over age 65 fall every year; falls are the leading fatal and nonfatal injury for this group. More than half of all falls occur in the home, according to the website

Medical alert systems can help seniors and people with disabilities remain in their own homes and are essential tools for independent living.

Who Receives the Home Emergency Alert Call?

A phone call for help during a home emergency can be sent to pre-programmed numbers, including those of family members, trusted friends, local 911 emergency services or to a live monitoring center.

The drawback to this

How to Naturally Stop Heartburn Fast, Tips For Heartburn Patients

How to Naturally Stop Heartburn Fast, Tips For Heartburn Patients

Are you a heartburn (also known as acid reflux symptom) sufferer on a frequent basis? Is it making it difficult to enjoy eating or enjoy that your gala feast at your favorite Mexican restaurant? If that is the case you need to continue reading because there are lots of things you can do that will help you get rid of the discomfort quick.

So rather than struggling it’s about time that you begin doing something that will help you avoid that discomfort. And following these guidelines or tips is the best way. They will help you get those outcomes that you are looking for.

Before I mention the tips please note that discomfort you experience in your chest area known as symptoms of heartburn has nothing to do with your heart, it is comes from your throat, not your heart and it is primary cause because of the types of food we eat. You really need to cut down on your food intake and the types of food.

Tip 1: Avoid Coffee and other caffeine containing beverages.

Try to restrict your everyday coffee intake to two glasses or less, because Coffee and other

Palliative chemotherapy harms and benefits weighed in new study

Palliative chemotherapy harms and benefits weighed in new study

The researchers, from the Weill Cornell Medical College, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, have published their results in the BMJ.

They say their findings uncover a discrepancy between what type of care cancer patients want and what they actually receive.

Overall, the team found that terminal cancer patients who receive chemotherapy during the last months of their lives are less likely to die where they wish and are more likely to undergo invasive medical procedures – including CPR and mechanical ventilation – than patients who did not receive the therapy.

Dr. Holly Prigerson, of Weill Cornell Medical College, says that the reasons for the link are complicated, but they may originate in misunderstanding of the purpose and consequences of palliative chemotherapy.

For the study, investigators assessed data from 386 patients in a federally funded study, called Coping with Cancer.

This 6-year study followed terminally ill people and their caregivers until the patients died, and the researchers looked at how psychosocial factors influenced patient care.

After asking the caregivers to rate their patient’s care, quality of life and where the patient would have wanted to die, the researchers reviewed patient medical

Is too much high-intensity exercise bad for your heart

Is too much high-intensity exercise bad for your heart

In a linked editorial to the studies, two writers say the results reveal a “J-shaped curve” for health benefits of exercise, whereby more does not always mean better. They also say the research raises questions about intensity and duration of physical activity at different points in life.

The first study was conducted by researchers in Germany, who, for 10 years, assessed the frequency and intensity of physical activity in more than 1,000 individuals with stable coronary artery heart disease for 10 years.

Participants were mostly in their 60s and had participated in a cardiac rehabilitation program to help them exercise regularly. The researchers tracked survival of all participants as part of the study.

Currently, heart disease patients are advised to participate in up to an hour of moderate intensity aerobic activity at least five times a week. The breakdown of study participant activity was as follows:

  • 40% were physically active two to four times per week
  • 30% were physically active more than four times per week
  • 30% were physically active less than two times per week
  • 10% rarely or never did any exercise.

Though the most physically inactive were twice as likely to have a heart

High blood pressure in women ‘more dangerous’ than in men

High blood pressure in women ‘more dangerous’ than in men

The study, published in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease, was conducted by scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 1 in 3 adults in the US have high blood pressure, putting them at risk for two leading causes of death – heart disease and stroke.

But in this latest study, researchers found “significant differences” in the mechanisms that cause high blood pressure in women, compared with men.

“This is the first study to consider sex as an element in the selection of antihypertensive agents or base the choice of a specific drug on the various factors accounting for the elevation in blood pressure,” says Dr. Carlos Ferrario, lead author and professor of surgery at Wake Forest Baptist.

He notes that traditionally, the medical community “thought that high blood pressure was the same for both sexes,” and therefore medical treatment was based on that idea.

Vascular disease risks higher in women

To look at potential differences, Dr. Ferrario and his team studied 100 men and women with untreated high blood pressure who were 53-years-old or more.

Cutting Cancer Deaths by Taking Aspirin Daily

Cutting Cancer Deaths by Taking Aspirin Daily

The benefits

A recent research report suggests that taking aspirin daily (75 milligrams) significantly lowers the chances of getting stomach and bowel cancers. The research found that cancer incidences / deaths for stomach, bowel and oesophageal cancers were lowered by 30-40%.

The evidence collected further suggests that those 50 years old or over taking aspirin for 10 years will prevent 122,000 cancer deaths over 20 tears. However, there would be no benefits seen from taking the drug until 5 years.

At face value, the report from the Queen Mary University of London Annals of Oncology looks encouraging. Professor Jack Cuzic of the university goes on to say that “Taking aspirin daily looks to be the most important thing we can do to reduce cancer after stopping smoking and reducing obesity.”

Benefits versus harms

Admittedly, the report does go on to say that the evidence for the benefits is not so clear when preventing other cancers such as lung and breast cancer. While 100’s of other studies looking into the possible benefits of aspirin also reveal possible harms.

The controversy giving the thumbs up to daily small doses of aspirin comes from

4 Of The Most Influential Innovations In Healthcare

4 Of The Most Influential Innovations In Healthcare

Technological innovation has changed all industries including healthcare. There have been great changes in the healthcare industry where technology is increasingly playing vital roles in almost all processes including patient registration, lab tests, data monitoring, and consultation.

To bring about these changes great innovations have been made. Here are some of the most influential technological innovations in the healthcare industry.

Electronic health record

Ten years ago, all health institutions had many systems that did different things. For example, there was a pharmacy system, documentation system, and an order system. These systems made it very cumbersome to work in a health setting.

Creation of an electronic health record revolutionized everything. The record integrated all the systems into a single platform which has made it easy to work in hospitals. Patients are also able to get better services since the healthcare providers are able to get their data with the touch of a button.

Portal technology

This is a tool that enables patients and physicians to access medical records online. The technology makes it possible for patients to easily get information about the diseases that they are suffering from and as a result

7 Symptoms of a Stress Headache

7 Symptoms of a Stress Headache

Riding a bike is easy and fun once you learn how to do it. Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? Once you practiced and acquired the necessary skills, you then became a lifelong bike rider or cyclist.
Just like learning to ride a bike, learning what causes the symptoms of a stress headache can help you to avoid the symptoms and enjoy less headaches.

There are 3 common type of headaches Migraines, Tension or Stress, and a Sugar Headache caused by low blood sugar.

Stress or tension headaches are the most common type. They usually start when you are under stress or in a stressful situation. The timing that a tension headache lasts can differ greatly. Tension headaches can last for a short time (30 minutes) or continue on for several days. If the stress you are under stays intense or does not subside, the stress headache can keep repeating and re-occurring. Anxiety is also a trigger for tension headaches. Oftentimes, tight neck or shoulder muscles can cause a headache to appear.

Symptoms of a Stress Headache:

* Pain that feels dull
* Pain can feel sharper at the

Total Living Drink Greens Review

Total Living Drink Greens Review

Juicing has become a big phenomenon amongst health professionals, fitness gurus, nutritional experts and even cancer patients. The juicing machine is also finding its’ way into a growing percentage of American households.

The idea behind this phenomenon is that you’ll be able to get the pure, nutrient-dense ingredients that your body will be able to immediately put to great use. What’s nice is that this can be done without eating an endless amount of fruit and vegetables. This is made even better when you find out just how great the juice actually tastes. All of this is actually the driving force behind what’s known as the Total Living Drink Greens by Kylea. The following Total Living Drink Greens review will go over this product in detail.

This product comes in a powdered form. However, since it really does utilize juices, this is not a powdered form of raw, whole produce. Instead, the fruits and vegetables have actually been juiced -the juice is where the phytonutrients are largely located. These are then converted into a powdered form. Thanks to this process the company’s claim that 1 full serving of their product is the equivalent to 7

Bed-sharing with baby: the risks and benefits

Bed-sharing with baby: the risks and benefits

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission strongly recommend against bed-sharing with an infant – defined as sleeping on the same surface as an infant, such as a chair, sofa or bed.

But according to a 2013 study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the percentage of infants who share a bed with a parent, another caregiver or a child more than doubled between 1993 and 2010, from 6.5% to 13.5%.

Some of you may be surprised by this increase, given the well-documented health risks that have been linked to infant bed-sharing.

Earlier this year, Medical News Today reported on a study from the AAP citing bed-sharing as the primary cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) – the leading cause of death among infants aged 1-12 months.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that among 8,207 infant deaths from 24 US states occurring between 2004-2012, 69% of infants were bed-sharing at the time of death.

“Bed-sharing may increase the risk of overheating, rebreathing or airway obstruction, head covering and exposure to tobacco smoke. All of these are risk factors for SIDS,” Dr.

Link found between dementia and vitamin D deficiency

Link found between dementia and vitamin D deficiency

is a collective term used to describe the problems that people with various underlying brain disorders can have with their memory, language and thinking. Alzheimer’s disease is the best known and most common disorder under the umbrella of dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the US and is believed to currently affect 5.3 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is most common in people aged over 65, in which a tenth of the population has the condition.

The authors of the study, published in Neurology, state that low concentrations of vitamin D are associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Worryingly, there are high rates of vitamin D deficiency in older adults – the group most at risk from developing dementia.

The CDC report that one third of the US population do not get sufficient amounts of vitamin D, with 8% of the population at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is obtained from sun exposure and foods such as milk, eggs, cheese and fatty fish.
Vitamin D and dementia: a strong association

For the study, the researchers tested 1,658 dementia-free

Oral HPV ‘can be transmitted by oral-to-oral, oral-to-genital routes’

Oral HPV ‘can be transmitted by oral-to-oral, oral-to-genital routes’

I have been researching effects of meditation on health for 30 years and have found it has compelling benefits.

Over the past year, I have been invited by doctors in medical schools and major health centers on four continents to instruct them on the scientific basis of mind-body medicine and meditation in prevention and treatment of disease, especially cardiovascular disease.

Research on Transcendental Meditation (TM), for example, has found reduced blood pressure and insulin resistance (useful for preventing diabetes), slowing of biological aging, and even a 48% reduction in the rates of heart attack, stroke and death.

I would consider those to be benefits. And so does the American Heart Association, which last year released a statement saying that decades of research indicates TM lowers blood pressure and may be considered by clinicians as a treatment for high BP.

Research on meditation has also shown a wide range of psychological benefits.

For example, a 2012 review of 163 studies that was published by the American Psychological Association concluded that the Transcendental Meditation technique had relatively strong effects in reducing anxiety, negative emotions, trait anxiety and neuroticism, while aiding learning, memory and self-realization.

Guide To Wearing Cervical Braces

Guide To Wearing Cervical Braces

A cervical brace, cervical collar, neck brace or C collar is a medical device used for patients with chronic medical conditions or injury in the head, neck or spinal cord area. This is also used for therapeutic purposes to relieve pain and realign the spinal cord.

Patients who incurred spinal injury or had undergone spinal surgery are prescribed by doctors to wear a cervical brace for a specific amount of time to allow proper healing. It keeps the injured area stabilize, restricts movement to avoid pain and promotes healing by preventing movement of the spine.

Braces are named based on the spine area where they will be used like cervical, sacral, lumbar and thoracic. A cervical brace has two types: the rigid brace made of molded plastic material which is used to restrict neck movement of a patient recovering from surgery or fracture; and the soft brace made of thick cotton-covered rubber foam to prevent pain and support the neck.

There are many braces in the market like the Miami J collar, cervical-thoracic collar, and more. However, it is the doctors who will decide on what will be best for you.

Whatever you

How I Found Enlightenment in a Hemorrhoid Treatment Optional

How I Found Enlightenment in a Hemorrhoid Treatment Optional

Generally, society does not have that many spaces where people can feel free to talk about some of their most intimate activities, such as using the restroom. In fact, psychologist Ernest Becker, in his fantastic book “The Denial of Death,” claims that part of the reason that people become uncomfortable when topics concerning the body come up is that things like using the bathroom reminds us on a deep, perhaps unconscious level that we are animals in need of “release” just like every other creature on Earth. As he somewhat bleakly concludes, despite our immense intellects, we will never be more than “Gods with anuses.” Fortunately, many of us find that “releasing” nature’s call is simple, and we can go about our everyday lives without much worry or concern for our bowels. However, as I learned, there is a very common affliction that can remind us of how stuck within our bodies we truly are: hemorrhoids. While I eventually sought hemorrhoid treatment in order to feel better, I have to admit that the experience was enlightening. Before you dismiss this claim, let me explain how I encountered two of Zen’s most important insights, stay in the moment